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Many articles are written by authors who claim that they have identified some significant 'secret' that when applied will absolutely turn our life around. Particularly in this time of economic uncertainty, ever increasing change, tending even to turmoil, people seem to looking for the secret, the magic bullet that will create immediate success. Therefore anyone who claims 'instant' success commands attention. Along with the person who asserts that they have discovered the long lost, or the recently discovered key that will unlock the door to the riches of the Promised Land.

I'm amused by the ever expanding numbers of people, particularly on the internet clamouring for our attention and dollars by promising: the amazing secret, the latest hot idea, specialized coaching, critical information, the ultimate webinar. These advertisements are always skilfully structured and are loaded with strong 'social proof' via endorsements from other industry identities. These marketers often play on our fear of loss. Act now or this offer will disappear forever! Click now for instance access! Much is promised, but little of substance is delivered.To Your Success,

In my experience there is no such thing as one single secret, or key, to success. There is, however a combination lock - and when we align all the numbers we release the lock. The so called - secret to success - is located in a rarely explored and mysterious place. That is, within our conscious and non-conscious mind and intuition.

I remember one wise mentor of mine who taught me to always, and only, seek council from those with a vested interest in my success. As a result through the years I have had the privilege of being mentored by an amazing group of people. Knowledgeable people: both engaged, and engaging. Wise people: many earning multiple six and seven figures a year.

And yet when I reflect on their council over the years it's most often been about taking more action, more focused action, correct action. It's not been about gaining more knowledge but putting my current knowledge into action. So perhaps that's the answer for others too. This isn't to suggest we shouldn't invest time to extend our personal and professional development. Or that knowledge isn't necessary, or gaining it time wasted, but simply to understand that knowing, deep down in-the-gut knowing, is always preceded by doing. As Cicero so wisely stated: "The skill to do comes from the doing."

Here's a suggestion for those or you with the fire of ambition burning fiercely within. First identify the most successful person you can access, someone considered a master in your field, someone to whom you can relate. Ask if they will mentor you, and if they agree, latch onto them like a leach on a bare leg. Learn to ask: What next and what else? Do only what they suggest and nothing different without first checking with them. Plug into and follow the predictable pattern of activities that guarantee success in your field. Fire up and focus, and determine to stay the course until you achieve what it is you want.

I'm not sure of the name of the author of this quotation, but it fits the subject. "Beyond coaching, and teaching is mentoring. A mentor is someone with the ability and heart to help another person to develop their vision and mission. A mentor supports another by providing experiences and contexts which help bring out the best of that person's understanding of love, self, and spirit. A mentor awakens others through their own integrity and congruence; they are in full contact with their own vision and mission and can help another get in touch with their vision and mission."

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